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24 Jul

20 Jul

The Cast of Aldgate East 


The Cast of Aldgate East 


Russell Square station, London


Russell Square station, London

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - The Dark Knight (2008)

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“Walking streets alone and eating dinner at tables for one — maybe with a book, maybe not — you’re left alone for hours, days on end with nothing but your own thoughts. You start talking to yourself, asking yourself questions and answering them, and taking in the day’s activities with a slowness and an appreciation that you’ve never before even attempted. Even just going to the grocery store — when in an exciting new place, when all by yourself, when in a new language — is a thrilling activity. And having to start from zero and rebuild everything, having to re-learn how to live and carry out every day activities like a child, fundamentally alters you. Yes, the country and its people will have their own effect on who you are and what you think, but few things are more profound than just starting over with the basics and relying on yourself to build a life again. I have yet to meet a person who I didn’t find calmed by the experience. There is a certain amount of comfort and confidence that you gain with yourself when you go to this new place and start all over again, and a knowledge that — come what may in the rest of your life — you were capable of taking that leap and landing softly at least once.” Chelsea Fagan, “What Happens When You Live Abroad” (via vacilandoelmundo)

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19 Jul

That time you finally realize that the name Peter comes from the Latin and Greek root “petra,” meaning, of course, “rock.”

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18 Jul


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'where is the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago' an autobiography i'll never write because i keep losing the pen i was using like 3 seconds ago.

Thankfully, we have keyboards for this now.

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15 Jul

So I go to Sainsbury’s and am due to get 20p in change. “Oh gee,” one would think, “I get a single, shiny 20p piece in for my change!” Instead, the machine decides to give me: - one 5p coin - seven 2p coins - one penny How did I deserve this atrocity? Mm.

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13 Jul

12 Jul


"I’d rather die, than to be with you."

11 Jul


Climbing the Narrow Steps of St Albans Clock Tower

With only a mere 93 steps to the top, St Albans Clock Tower certainly isn’t the tallest tower in Britain. That award goes to The Shard in London which has more than three times as many whole flights of stairs from top to bottom. At only £1 to get in though, it’s certainly much cheaper than The Shard and since it’s more than 600 years old, a great deal quainter.

Traversing the narrow staircase to the top was an experience in itself. Visitors seemingly are encouraged to yell up or down the staircase that they’re coming to avoid having to turn back. That’s because the staircase is so narrow, passing is impossible. At one point, Jade and I found ourselves temporarily trapped next to a large bell along with two parents and their three boys as we waited for the staircase to become available. Not a place for those with claustrophobic tendencies.

Once we’d reached the top, we were treated to lovely scenic views of the historic streets below and the surrounding rolling hills of Hertfordshire. If you find yourself in St Albans this summer, we’d certainly recommend a trip up the stone staircase to see it for yourself.

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